p u r p l e c o w
sapi ungu, memberi WARNA berbeda pada kawanan sapi hitam-putih
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You drink about it, smoke about it, don’t talk about it.

— Ella Eyre (via daughterofgollum)

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Lord, thank you for always make sure I’m safe in the shelter
thanks for the things that already happened
thanks for Your guidance

Lord, I can’t sleep
i don’t know
it just hard for me to sleep
would you please?
thanks because I still can sleep even it take s longer time than others

Lord, some things messed up in mu life
but these too will pass, won’t they?
all I need is strengthen myself, don’t I?

Lord, You know I’ve been prayed to graduate by February
from now on I’ll let in in Your hand

Lord. it’s OK
my life isn’t that difficult
as long as I’m with You

Lord, let me wake up on time ya
I’ll give some health education tomorrow

Lord, I love You..

in a relationship
both don’t know how will it ends
both don’t know whe will it ends
both don’t know where will it ends
but whenever both still want to fight for each other
they keep worrying each other
they keep caring each other
they keep loving each other
thanks for being honest
God knows we are trying



hey sis. these were made by me.

heaven in earth: Chinese tea

you know that well how to not leaving me especially in the fire

I found many times I almost left you

but you come with your honest smile

I thought all you have done for me are just the common things that others to people they loved

but I was wrong

you are who you are

you cooked for me

you were confused to choose a dress for my bday gift, and unfortunately I didn’t like but that was still OK for you

you just didn’t say that I hurted you for many times

and you keep going

you are not giving up for me

you are not leaving

you are not letting me be alone..

especially in the fire..

have I told you that I missed you?

if I haven’t told you then I tell you that I miss you

have a told you I loved you?

if I haven’t, I tell you I DO

hope we can grow old together :3

God’s will be done

remembered a story from my beloved brother. fortunately, I could find it on the Google. this is for you who may read my-online-diary. LOL

in many times of my life, I find that I-myself only write things when I’m broke

after having dream to being success in all f aspect

I often found that I failed

everytime I failed, I try again


and again

after I failed, I seek a new things to discover

I want to do my best

sometimes I feel envy for they who already get their own success

but I-totally agree- that I can’t obly see the surface

the must have done an effort to achieve it

and I have to give mine and also pray and also focus on my goal

that’s it

you are born for a reason that the world cannot do without

9 years ago
You conquered your habbits

You need to struggle again to conquer yourself

#worship #christian

how creative #nosmoking

how creative #nosmoking

catatan: being a dentist wasn’t my childhood dream. since I realized that not all of many peoples who dream to be a dentist really can be a real-professional-dentist in their future. I have to be grateful, right? I have to do what I need to do to graduate from this wonderful-beautiful-awesome-marvelous-fabulous-loveable faculty with best result I can get. 

dalam perjalanan menjadi dokter gigi:

sometimes I got lack of sleep because the test materialsssssss were soooooo much

but it’s OK

because I know in the future I have to deal with human’s life..

life wouldn’t be that easy, Tina

but God will always be there to strengthen you

study hard so you wont regret

sedang malas belajar-besok ujian Bedah Mulut

dedek Tina, do you really love mom&koko?

Yes, I do

what is your sacrifice to prove that you do love them? I saw you still online and seek for an entertaiment in social media application?


If you wonder do they love you the answer will be YES, thats why they still pay the education fees

dedek Tina, do what you love, love what you do. if you cac’t do what you love, then do for people you love. strongest motivation definitely come from yourself, your deepest heart. will you seek that motivation in these two days? Can I count on you?

23 Apr 2014


Jogja berhati nyaman

dan ya! aku calon dokter gigi

Thanks God I am in my home right now
Thanks Lord You give me very comfortable home
I always told myself to accept my own non AC boarding house

It made me missed home a lot
It made me missed mom and koko

Now I studied in a city which located an hour far from home
I miss my home all the time
But I really want to study abroad
Bless me Lord

I will let God’s will be done
Not mine

I’ll be ready Lord